HROD/HRD Consulting

This is our scope of services on HRD/HROD Consulting.

Our methodology is discussing with our clients as a HR Business Partner,

then help clients map strategy with prioritization in 1-5 years road map (for FREE). After that, we will discuss what are the elements that clients would like to use our expertise to help them design strategy and execute their business.

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Step One

What is clients' business direction?

Step One

What are my product to sell?

Step Two

Talk with clients to translate business direction into HR Strategy

Step Two

Talk with clients to find chance to sell my product?

Step Three

Explore solutions from both inside & outside my products.

Step Three

Recommend client to buy my product rather than other products.

Step Four

Design solution from the overall pool of tech & HR Solution market.

Step Four

Design solution based on just my products


(Expertise: Tech, Business, and HR Strategy)

Traditional Consulting Way

(Expertise: Hr Strategy)

Our Innovative Tools

Based on more than 10 years of our experiences in Consulting, HROD/HRD management, and our researches, we found a lot of gaps in tools and methodologies in HR Consulting industry. So, we created our Innovative Tools and Frameworks to close the gaps and enhance consultation to another level.