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We are “Employee Experience Expert” and “HR Tech Strategist”, using our Expertise, Innovation, and Methodology to scale-up HROD/HRD Consulting to the next Level

    About Us

    We’ve never tried to push sales of our products.

    At Keen Profile, we sit with clients’ top managements as HR Business Partner to discuss business direction and help our clients to design HROD/HRD strategy before helping map solutions from the overall market.

    Thanazit Kittisangsuwan

    CEO of Keen Profile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

    Step One

    What is clients' business direction?

    Step One

    What are my product to sell?

    Step Two

    Talk with clients to translate business direction into HR Strategy

    Step Two

    Talk with clients to find chance to sell my product?

    Step Three

    Explore solutions from both inside & outside my products.

    Step Three

    Recommend client to buy my product rather than other products.

    Step Four

    Design solution from the overall pool of tech & HR Solution market.

    Step Four

    Design solution based on just my products


    (Expertise: Tech, Business, and HR Strategy)

    Traditional Consulting Way

    (Expertise: Hr Strategy)

    Do you interest to use Advance HROD/HRD Strategic Tools to create a Competitive Advantage to your business?
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    Our Innovative Tools

    Based on more than 10 years of our experiences in Consulting, HROD/HRD management, and our researches, we found a lot of gaps in tools and methodologies in HR Consulting industry. So, we created our Innovative Tools and Frameworks to close the gaps and enhance consultation to another level.

    KEEN Career Finder & KEEN Organizational Finder

    • What are your outstanding competencies?

      If we want to talk about human’s types of geniuses, then we can categorize up to hundred types.

    • What are types of work that fit with you?

      After you know about your Working Geniuses, the next question is How should you use your Geniuses?

    • What are types of cultures that fit with you?

      The last puzzle that you need to know to design strategy to your career path is What businesses and industries fit with you?

    KEEN Career Finder & KEEN Organizational Finder

    KEEN Employee Engagement

    KEEN Employee Engagement

    • Emotion Question & Rational Question

      KEEN Employee Engagement structure set questionair into two levels, Emotional Questions and Rational Questions.

    • Employee Enagement Process from design to insight

      Identify Organizational Employee Engagement Problem or Area for Improvement, Etc.

    KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid

    • Keen "Mission" Identity

      What will be their sense of purpose after they join the company.

    • Keen "Character" Identity

      What will they become after they join the company, what is the character from their friends and family perception on them.

    • Keen "Workplace" Identity

      What will they get after they join the company i.e. salary, welfare, skills, etc.

    KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid

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