About Us

Not just Better, we makea DIFFERENCE.

We are “Employee Experience Expert” and “HR Tech Strategist”, using our Expertise, Innovation, and Methodology to scale-up HROD/HRD Consulting to the next Level.


Our consultant team have plenty of experiences in HROD/HRD and Employee Experience Design consulting with various industries including Banking, Retails, Telco, Manufacturing, Technology, Insurance, Online, etc. In addition to our experiences, we also use our innovation to help our clients to better analyze their situation, design for new solutions, and execution.




We are not like other general consulting firms or research firms that always provide beautiful but intangible strategy which not practical for execution. Our consultants have experiences in both Top Management Strategy until Operation Action Plans. That why we can think end-to-end from C-level perspective to On-the-Ground-Eyes, so, any solutions that we provide to clients, we focus in “Practical Solutions”.


We believe in Innovation. Innovation is not just our strategy, but it is our Core Philosophy. You can see that all of our core services, there are Innovative Tools/Systems to provide our service to the next level. The world and Businesses are changing every day, so Innovation is not an option, but it is the only way to survive in today market.


The way we look our clients is they are our Long-Term-Partners. We are not just your consultant, but we position ourselves as your Business Partner. Any solutions we provide to our clients are not just one time or short-term solutions, but we always provide solutions and direction that we can truly support our clients to enhance and sustain their businesses in the long run.


Thanazit Kittisangsuwan

Business Strategy and Tech-Business Solution

Lead design and execution of business strategy and tech solutions for companies across many industries i.e. Technology, Banking, Retails, Health, Agriculture, Online, and Telco.

Experience in providing consulting services for Business Strategy, HR Solutions, Customer Experience Design, and Tech Solution for Businesses.

Expertise in manage clients’ business direction and translate to HR Strategy and Customer Strategy.


Dr. Voravee Ruengaramrut

Employee Experience Specialist

Engagement and service development researcher.

Provide expert advice on a range of human resource queries and opportunities arising from within the organization, in accordance with organizational policy and legislative requirements.

Implement human resource best practice strategies and practices which contribute to the organizations ability to meet identified human resource outcomes.

Monitor, analyze and review the services delivered in order to ensure continual improvement in line with HR best practice, customer needs, HR strategy and broader organizational values and objectives.

Head of KEEN Consulting Service

Tras Obsuwan

Organizational Transformation, Subject Matter Expert

Lead the change management projects for different kind of industries such as financial service sector, consumer product, real estate industry.

Lead Asia banking study across Thailand, Malaysia and China to understand consumer behavior and provide key strategy to retail banking to drive customer engagement.

Designed the project structure and created solutions that optimize client business performance through Employee Power.

More than 400 hours coaching and training managers on implement sale and service at retail banking. Implemented the internal feedback system for one of largest bank in Thailand to improve its internal collaboration and activate customer centric strategy.