KEEN Employee Engagement

KEEN Employee Engagement

Our consultant team have experiences in working with more than 20 companies

across various industries to help them design and set-up Employee Engagement Program and provide strategy and execution plan to solve their engagement problems in both strategic level and practical way.

KEEN Employee Engagement Model

KEEN Employee Engagement is our innovative framework that was developed from our rich experience in working with multi-industries companies. This framework, we designed to close gaps of frameworks in the consulting market.

Clients who use this framework will get opportunity to cover all solid questions that are drivers to their employee engagement, it will be easier and more effective to identify key problems from both emotional level and rational level attributes. In addition, clients can get benefits of more effective and flexible questions to both work with Keen Profile and work by themselves in the future, or even work with other consulting firms.

According to the framework, we use KEEN-EE as the ultimate result for Employee Engagement. We also have other 4 key areas of emotional questions to define strength and weakness of the company on employee engagement:

  • Security-based-engagement
  • Productivity-based-engagement
  • Value-based-engagement
  • Growth-based-engagement

KEEN Employee Engagement structure set questionair into two levels, Emotional Questions and Rational Questions.

Emotional Questions are the the questions to define result of ultimate outcome that we want to know: “What is the level of my employee engagement?” and “What are the key areas of emotion that have problem?”. Rational Questions are the Action Level attributes, we will design these action level questions under all four emotional areas: Security, Productivity, Value, and Growth. Our experts will work closely with clients to customize questions to fit with clients’ business.

Employee Enagement Process from design to insight