KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid

KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid

Our consultant team have experience in working with various clients to help them design Employer Branding from scratch.

The process start from define vision and direction of the company, and identify current talents’ thought from both internal and external, before we bring all the inputs into our Design Thinking process for creating KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid for them, then we can use these Pyramid for production process to create all branding materials of all touch points to attract talents to their company.

Keen Employer Branding Pyramid
Keen Employer Branding Pyramid Detail

KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid is one of our innovative framwwork that was created from our experiences in working with many clients to create Employer Branding to them. Finally,

we found that there are three main identities that need to design for any companies who would like to create their brand to attract more talents to their companies.

The three main areas are KEEN “Workplace” Identity (What will they get after they join the company i.e. salary, welfare, skills, etc.), KEEN “Character” Identity (What will they become after they join the company, what is the character from their friends and family perception on them.), and KEEN “Mission” Identity (What will be their sense of purpose after they join the company).

Remember that the things that we will design into the pyramid is the Key Identities, not general things that the talents can find easily get from any companies, it means you need to invest to create something unique for your brand, and if you need to invest, let invest wise!

We help you design and execute end-to-end Employer Branding

  • 1. Define Direction

    Discuss with Top Management
    Focus Group with Middle Management
  • 2. Understand Current Situation

    Internal assessment to identify culture & perception
    Market research to define external view to the company and competitors
    Analyze result for finding and insight
  • 3. Design The Brand

    Design key identities from KEEN Employer Branding Pyramid
    Design main communication theme (Big Idea)
  • 4. Execution Strategy

    Create strategy on communication channels to fit with the business
    Create brand guideline for execution with CTA (Call-to-Action) in each touch point
  • 5. Production Phase

    Collaborate with production team to ensure all theme and detail to align with the Brand Strategy
    Ensure all detail and CTA in each touch point follow the Brand Guildline